Colour Blending Panel

Engage the visual and auditory senses with our Interactive Colour Blending Panel!

With a combination of coloured patterns and sound effects, this panel can be either enjoyed passively or controlled at the touch of a button. It is suited to both individual or group use and helps:

  • teach colour recognition and mixing
  • foster social skills and encourage interaction
  • demonstrate cause and effect
  • encourage relaxation


The panel includes ten stimulating patterns that are accompanied by audio and can all be altered to any colour. To add your own sounds or music, simply change the SD card.

You can also adjust the volume, brightness, speed and mode, making it an enjoyable experience for people of all ages and abilities.

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  • Easy 4-button control
  • Matt white finish
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Compatible with 8-colour wireless controller
  • Measures 550mm wide x 100mm deep x 900mm high
  • Screen measures 425mm wide x 730mm high