Sensory Spaces in Education – A Guide to Getting Started

  Academic stress and sensory processing disorders (SPDs) are on the rise among students in Australia, and we’re seeing a direct impact on academic performance, health, and overall well-being. As students learn and process the world around them, having a safe space to shut out the noise and self-regulate is becoming increasingly important. That’s the […]

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Sensory Spaces Made Simple

  We get it – setting up a sensory space may seem complex. Maybe you’re not sure where to begin, or you have limited floor space to work with. The good news is a sensory space does not need to be complicated to be effective. Take this beautiful space we set up in Maddingly, Victoria […]

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Portable Sensory Equipment – Space-Saving & User-Orientated

Tight on space, have limited resources, or after a sensory experience that’s accessible to everyone? A mobile sensory unit is your portable, multi-functional sensory solution. Sensory spaces are all about engaging and soothing the senses, helping users to relax, self-regulate, and improve their holistic development. And the good news is, you can still get all […]

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