We get it – setting up a sensory space may seem complex. Maybe you’re not sure where to begin, or you have limited floor space to work with. The good news is a sensory space does not need to be complicated to be effective.

Take this beautiful space we set up in Maddingly, Victoria as an example. Combining two of our most popular products with comfortable seating, this corner stimulates the visual, auditory, and tactile senses for a calming and engaging multisensory experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the sensory items in this space, and how they work their magic…




Bubbles are great for all ages, giving visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. Users can watch the mesmerising combination of bubbles and lighting, hear the soothing sound of bubbling water, and feel the gentle, rhythmic vibrations of the tube.

A bubble tube helps:


Prefer a wall-mounted bubble feature? Check out our Interactive Bubble Wall Panel.




Fibre optics provide a fantastic visual and tactile sensory experience. They are completely safe to handle, and encourage:


Pair with our Wireless Colour Controller to switch between colours- great for encouraging interaction and building colour recognition!




Both comfortable and flexible, modular seating provides a relaxing spot to sit, self-regulate, and engage with the bubble tube and fibre optics.


The beauty of our modular range is it can be reconfigured to suit any space. Simply choose from a range of module sets and add/ remove ottomans and wall pads as required. Short on wall space? Check out our ottoman options– these work great in the middle of a room.



Here are our top picks, which are all flexible and take up minimal floor space.

Liquid Floor Tiles
Add mesmerising shapes and colours to your floor with Liquid Floor Tiles. A fun tactile and visual experience, liquid tiles are great for exploring cause and effect and developing motor skills. The tiles have a non-slip bottom and can handle lots of action, including wheelchairs.

Sensory Mood Shapes
Create a soft glow in your room with a Sensory Mood shape! Durable and lightweight, these shapes add extra lighting, are relaxing to hold, and help with emotional regulation as they gently fade through the colour spectrum. The mood cube can also double as a cozy seat or table for group activities.

Ortoto mats
Explore the tactile sense and encourage interaction with Ortoto Massage mats – a terrific way to stimulate muscles in the hands and feet, and develop the vestibular system. Their puzzle-like design means they can be easily interlocked together to create a pathway or joined together to create a larger play area.

Beano King Beanbag
This supersized beanbag is great for providing proprioceptive input, which refers to the body’s sense of awareness, force, and pressure. By hugging, rolling, and squishing the beanbag, users can build gross motor skills and muscle tone, and feel a soothing pressure as it conforms to the body.

The Beano King Beanbag also doubles as a safe ‘crash pad’ to burn off energy and is a supportive seating option for those with limited mobility. And let’s face it – sitting in a beanbag is way more fun!

Spinning projector
Bring your sensory space alive with a spinning projector! Project beautiful nature-inspired scenes throughout the room to help boost focus, concentration, and skills such as tracking and memory building.



Ready to create your own sensory corner or room? Check out our full product range, or get in touch with us at 1300 622 180 /