Tight on space, have limited resources, or after a sensory experience that’s accessible to everyone? A mobile sensory unit is your portable, multi-functional sensory solution.

Sensory spaces are all about engaging and soothing the senses, helping users to relax, self-regulate, and improve their holistic development. And the good news is, you can still get all the benefits of multisensory stimulation without setting up a dedicated room. Let’s explore why portable sensory could be the right choice for you…


No space/ budget for a dedicated sensory room? 

If space and/or budget are limited, setting aside an entire room for sensory therapy is not always an option. The Roma addresses these issues by combining a select range of popular sensory items into one streamlined unit- a small footprint, with a big impact.

Do your users have limited mobility?  

For sectors such as aged care and health care, it’s common for individuals to be bedridden, incapacitated, or living with limited mobility.  In this instance, a mobile sensory unit is the most practical and flexible solution. It’s simple to wheel from room to room, easily fits through doorways, and switches on with a single plug socket.

Would you like to offer sensory therapy across a range of locations? 

A mobile sensory unit makes sensory therapy accessible to everyone, without the costly task of installing a sensory space across multiple wards or buildings. In a hospital for example, a sensory unit can be easily rotated between waiting rooms, treatment rooms, or various wards.


Whether used for education, therapy, or recreation, a sensory unit is a versatile and multifunctional addition.

For carers and educators, a mobile unit is…

Portable – easy to move between rooms.
Budget-friendly – a cost-effective way of combining multiple sensory items.
Low maintenance – simple to clean and maintain.
Space-saving – maximising room for other activities.
Person-centred- creating a compassionate environment that is more conducive to positive communication, development and outcomes. 

For users, a mobile unit provides…

Anxiety and stress relief – focusing the mind and body on engaging the senses and providing a sense of safety and control.
Relaxation – triggering calming neurochemicals in the brain.
Comfort and distraction – shifting the attention from stressful thoughts and/or experiences. 
Effective sensory integration – allowing users to self-regulate at their own pace and become more self-aware.
Opportunity for skill development – ranging from social and communication skills to motor skill development.
Independence – giving users control over their emotions and environment. 



The Roma gives you up to 6 sensory items in one compact unit, plus storage for additional resources. 

Select and combine sensory items to create a customised sensory experience to meet specific learning goals or a certain demographic. Let’s take a closer look at each option…



Select 1 x Interactive Tube…

Option 1 – Bubble Tube 
Bubble tubes are great for all ages, providing visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. Users can watch the mesmerising combination of bubbles and lighting, hear the soothing sound of bubbling water, and feel the gentle, rhythmic vibrations of the tube.

Option 2 – Waterless Colour Tube
For sterile environments where ongoing water maintenance is not appropriate or practical, we recommend a Waterless Colour Tube. Gentle vibrations, changing colours, and moving patterns create a calming effect and help reduce sensory overload.

Select 1 x Interactive Wall Panel…

Option 1 – Infinity Mirror Panel
With its mesmerising tunnel of lights, the Infinity Mirror Panel uses visual and auditory engagement to help teach cause and effect, visual tracking, and colour recognition. 

Option 2 – Colour Blending Panel
This Colour Blending Panel combines colours and sound effects to teach cause and effect and colour recognition, plus create a relaxing ambience. 

Option 3 – Bubble Panel
A blend of colour, sound, and motion, our Bubble Panel boosts focus, reduces stress, encourages self-regulation, and promotes social interaction.

Option 4 – Rhapsody Panel
Watch sounds come to life with a visual display that responds to clapping, talking and music. This panel is great for assisting with speech therapy and encouraging social interaction. 

Note you can adjust the volume, brightness, speed, and mode on each panel, so it’s an enjoyable experience for both sensory seekers and sensory avoiders. 

Select Your Sensory Add-Ons…

Option 1 – Fibre Optics & Light Source
A fantastic visual and tactile sensory experience, fibre optic strands help with relaxation, improve sensory integration, boost fine motor skills, and encourage interaction.

Option 2 – Wireless Colour Controller
Our 8-color Wireless Colour Controller lets you cycle between 8 different colours at the touch of a button. We recommend adding this to your mobile sensory unit to encourage interaction and ensure your sensory products are accessible for users with fine/gross motor skill difficulties.

Option 3 – Spinning Projector Set
A Spinning Projector provides a soothing visual display that helps reduce anxiety, promotes self-regulation, and improves focus, memory-building, and tracking skills.

Option 4 – Infinity Wall Mirror
This wall-mounted mirror stimulates the visual system, promotes colour recognition, and encourages self-awareness. It also functions as a regular mirror when the lights are off. Please note- if those using the unit are living with dementia, we discourage the use of mirrors- see Sensory Spaces For Seniors.


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