Rhapsody Panel

Watch sounds come to life with our Interactive Rhapsody Panel! This visual display responds to clapping, talking and music, with 10 sound-responsive patterns including Spiral Out, Rainbow Ladder, Travelling Snake and Graphic Equaliser. Suited to both individual or group use, the panel helps:

  • encourage social interaction
  • build confidence
  • develop vocal skills
  • assist with speech therapy


The colour, speed, brightness, volume and pitch can all be adjusted- ideal for catering to sound sensitivity and both loud and quiet users.

A microphone is also included to encourage vocal stimulation. To add your own sounds or music, simply change the SD card.

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  • Easy 4-button control
  • Matt white finish
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Measures 550mm wide x 100mm deep x 900mm high
  • Screen measures 425mm wide x 730mm high